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It's another busy week in SPAC land. We're starting to codify more of the universe of names we are tracking, our watch list and our active trades and investments.

If you missed the SPACvest webinar last Friday here is a link to the replay: SPACvest Webinar 1/29/2021.  It definitely paid off if you picked upon the "undervalued" software SPAC, Software Acquisition (SAII), which announced an attractive business combination on Monday. The warrants are up nicely to $2.50 from $1.60.

Here's a quick image showing the latest new SPAC IPO announcements. Some of these are definitely interesting and after this table there is one showing portfolio adjustments I made in response to the new names.

The new names so far this week.

Of these we've heard from a few people that Kismet (KSMT) could be a "sleeper" and worthy of some consideration. I did try their game and wasn't overly impressed but remember that I'm not the intended audience. Here is a little "sizzle reel" that a friend sent for your viewing pleasure: Nexters Gaming.

In terms of portfolio moves the table below shows what I did to align with the new crop of deals and the current portfolio.

We're living in exciting times.

The recent performance of speculative names in the market has been stunning. I take a lot of time to comb though all the new names and do some analysis but right now anyone buying anything is making money.

That won't always be true so I think stock selection and risk management will be at the top of my list as things normalize. Based on the current VIX future readings it might not be until March when we see a more stable market.