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IPO Candy is here to help you stay ahead of the curve with IPO Roadshows, company analysis, and work on emerging trends, sectors and companies.

Welcome to the top destination for IPO Roadshow coverage and analysis used by all the Tier 1 investment banks, investors, and private company management teams preparing for an IPO!

We launched in 2009 at the depths of the financial crisis thanks to a lull in our investor positioning business. Things took off and we never looked back.  

IPO Candy has developed an extensive following, built a comprehensive roadshow database, and added to our analytics and related services.  

A few years ago, we launched SPACvest, which handles the SPAC IPO market.

Ours is a subscription membership business model but lots of our content is available to the public and we also publish to third-party sites after a respectful delay to make sure our members know they come first.

But I hope you'll consider becoming a paying member to help us keep serving and developing our products and services. We would not be here without our supporters!