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IPO Candy gives you the best information on new companies coming via the regular way IPO process or a SPAC or a spinoff.

We have been covering the "regular way" IPO market since 2009.  IPO Candy is the top resource regularly tapped by leading investment banks, investors, and company management teams to understand and position IPO companies.

It's an exciting market! New trends that are getting commercial show up as new companies in the public capital markets. You're sure to learn a lot. Not all of them will be good investments, but sifting through the group with an investor "lens" is our specialty.

COVID impacted the IPO markets that bought about the dramatic rise in using the SPAC IPO process. We created SPACvest to help investors with that market and have now folded it into IPO Candy. There are big winners that we still follow, and likely to be more that make it out of the "wreckage" of 2022.

There's been a sustainable increase in the frequency of stock spinoffs and splits in the last year, which sparked the creation of Spinoff Candy. We've just consolidated that into IPO Candy too.  There are lots of unappreciated opportunities in this market.

We keep this site updated with the most recent data, but there's a limit to what you can do without a real database. IPO Candy Pro is a proprietary database that provides streamlined and thematic access to all the company decks from 2009. Learn more at IPO Candy Pro.

IPO Candy is considered a "financial media" company - not an investment bank, broker-dealer, or registered investment adviser. We also have disclaimers and terms and conditions, which should be referred to for more information.