About Us

IPO Candy is here to help you stay ahead of the curve with IPO Roadshows, company analysis, and work on emerging trends, sectors and companies.

IPO Candy is an independent publication launched during the 2008/2009 market collapse. Innovation and change are constants, and markets recover.

Since then, we've built a substantial following and added to our content and services.

When we were handling a few dozen roadshow decks, the web was okay, but once we got into the hundreds and crossed a thousand, we needed a powerful database with superior navigation. We built that application and made it available online. You can learn more about that here: About IPO Candy Pro.

A few years ago, we launched SPACvest, which handles the SPAC IPO market.

We offer quite a bit of free content, including our weekly IPO Candygram which you can sign up for here.

But I hope you'll consider becoming a paying member to help us continue to exist and develop our products and services. We would not be here without our supporters!