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Some Healthy SPACs

There are notable SPAC IPO names in healthcare that have our attention. Some are actively covered and in our portfolio. Examples include $DCGO, $HIMS, $NNOX, and $CPUH.

The Hospital is coming to you.

I like to use themes to help prioritize our coverage and investments. One of those is the changing ways that we will deliver healthcare products and services.

We know how wildly inefficient and gallingly expensive the healthcare system is in the U.S. It's too vast to tackle the whole thing. Still, there are pockets of opportunity where change can happen and is supported by high returns on investment.

Two major trends are 1) going direct to consumer (D2C) and 2) pushing diagnostics, services, and procedures further "downstream" and away from hospitals and emergency rooms.   A pill that costs $1 online costs $10 at CVS and $100 in the hospital.

Let's talk about some SPAC IPO names in this space - Hims & Hers $HIMS, DocGo $DCGO, Nano-X Imaging $NNOX, and Allurion $CPUH.


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