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Weekly Rundown - NuScale, Eve, Gogoro, and SAI Digital

NuScale and Eve both have been on our lists since they announced. Gogoro is a new one that looks good. Everyone is already short SAI.

Getting the deals in the bins.

We've been watching NuScale $SV for a while and Eve is our favorite eVTOL concept in the market $ZNTE. SAI Digital seems like a great short but alas there is no stock to borrow. Gogoro $GGR is a new one that I actually like. It's down on the de-SPAC (what isn't!) but they may actually be a "mini-Tesla of the scooter space."

Below are quick points on Eve $EVEX, NuScale $SMR, Gogoro $GGR, and SAITECH $SAI.  Links to investor presentations are at the end.

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