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MoneyLion Mirage

We got asked to look at MoneyLion $ML which is trading less than book value and seemingly way too cheap. Too many red flags popped up, even at this price. YMMV.

Don't drink the water. 

I got asked to look at MoneyLion $ML, and I initially thought there might be something here. Even though it turned out not to be the case, at least based on my criteria, the points and process might be interesting.

The first thing I did was pull up some numbers and the chart.  Shares are trading below book value and at 0.54x sales. The company is growing, and losses are shrinking. Management has backgrounds from Citadel and Goldman. And the shares are sure down a lot!

What I found out led me to pass on this one. That doesn't mean it might not still be a big winner. You always need to do your own work and it's possible that I'm just weighing the negatives too heavily versus the upside.

This is one of those "new disruptive banks." Since there seem to be so many of those, I didn't think much of this when they became public. But now it's below $1, so let's dig in again...

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