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Summer Internship Program 2022

We will be running an internship program this year that begins on June 1st and concludes on July 29th. This is a non-paid program. If you have a way to get credit for it and require forms to be completed I am happy to do that for you. Those not in the official program will be given an invitation to "audit" the program which provides access to the videos on-demand and related materials.

The program is divided into two parts. Part one is during June. All candidates will work through a common core curriculum around equity investment research with a focus on new issues.

Some examples of this content include:

  • The simplest overview of equity investing.
  • The IPO market with key information sources.
  • Picking companies to evaluate - new and existing.
  • Reviewing all the SEC filings for useful information.
  • Research the market, competition, and recent or similar deals.
  • Build a simple valuation model and "comps" worksheet.
  • Based on the proposed or current price develop your case.
  • Present your position clearly to investors in writing.

During part one we will convene every Wednesday via Zoom for one hour of presentation followed by Q&A. The session will be recorded. As soon as we get through picking companies you will select one to be your "lab rat" to dissect and use for the following exercises.

In part two each person will be working on an individual project that should be completed before July 29th. The design of each project will aim to produce something that we can continue to use at IPO Candy to inform investors and can be used as something to illustrate "what you did on your summer vacation" and beyond.

Beyond the hour-long zooms each week I think an additional 5-10 hours per week would be the minimum for you to get what I would see as a durable value from the effort. Individuals vary greatly in terms of their speed of work but a high level of interest and attention will serve you well.

There will also be additional reading offered over the course of the program for those that wish to go further and deeper into any topic. You'll also be introduced to a number of online resources, research sites, and writers that you may wish to follow to continue to build your knowledge.

You can access the application here: IPO Candy 2022 Internship Application - use "foo" as the secret word.