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About Us

The SPAC IPO market has had some dramatic ups and downs but all signs are that it is here to stay.

We have been covering the regular way IPO market actively since 2009 at IPO Candy. Over the years our following there includes over 1,800 active members and an additional 13,000+ readers.

Now that the euphoria is (mostly) over we can apply our proven methods around investment selection and not worry about chasing the latest deal announcements.

We monitor all new deals and pick the ones that present the best chance for strong returns. Our coverage includes:

Newsletter - Every week or two depending on activity levels we will publish a review of active deals that have votes pending or other important events we are watching.

Monthly SPAC IPO Performance Sheets - A look at SPAC IPO performance for the past month cut a few different ways. These are published in PDF format but are available as an Excel worksheet. It is instrumented by YCharts which is a paid service.

Quick Looks - This is our first set of notes around a de-SPAC. It's an initial read on how much interest we have and what questions remain for us.

SPAC IPO Decks - Easy access to initial and updated SPAC IPO investor decks, analyst meetings, and transcripts.  

Company Notes - These are published when we go deeper into a name and include our valuation and investment conclusions.

Portfolio Updates - We maintain a small portfolio of SPAC IPO names based on our work to help crystalize and measure our conclusions.

Sector Updates - Although we will look at any deal we also look at everything through a thematic lens and will publish updates on some of these that we are focused on. Examples include electric vehicles, healthcare, consumer products, automation/robotics, cannabis, sports/gambling, and technology in general.

Educational Content - There are lots of unique features of SPAC IPO investing that we will share with written and video content. There will also be videos that go through our screening and investment research process.

There will be a SPACvest private community in beta soon that will act as a way to access and discuss paid member content.

Keep in mind that everything we do here is for entertainment purposes only. We are not investment advisors, brokers, dealers, economists, accountants, lawyers, market makers, or bankers.